Rotor S-4x400

Category Accessories
Manufacturer Eppendorf
Country of manufacture Germany

Incl. 400 mL round bucket

High-speed medium capacity swing-bucket rotor with max. speed 5,263 × g (5,100 rpm)
Broad range of adapters enables high versatility for tubes and bottles from 0.2 mL to 400 mL
Aerosol-tight QuickLock caps for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples optionally available1)
Buckets, caps and adapters are autoclavable
1) Aerosol-tightness tested by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK.


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Rotor S-4x400 Accessories

  • No sale
    For Centrifuge 5910 R with Rotor S-4x400, 2 pcs.
      $352 USD
  • No sale
    For Rotor S-4x400 2 pcs.
      from   $1,174 USD
  • No sale
    For 3 tubes 50 mL skirted, Centriprep and Oak Ridge 30 mL, for Rotor S-4x400 2 pcs.
      $350 USD
  • No sale
    For 17 tubes 12 mm × 75 mm, for Rotor S-4x400 2 pcs.
      $350 USD
  • No sale
    For 11 tubes 7.5 mL – 12 mL, for Rotor S-4x400 2 pcs.
      $350 USD
  • No sale
    For 400 mL wide-neck bottle (Catalog No. 5910 707.002) in combination with Rotor S-4x400
      $232 USD
  • No sale
    For 1 bottle 175 – 225 mL conical, for Rotor S-4x400 2 pcs.
      $350 USD