Rotor A-2-MTP

Category Accessories
Manufacturer Eppendorf
Country of manufacture Germany

Incl. wind shield and rotor lid, with 2 buckets

Max. speed: 2,204 × g (4,680 rpm)
2-place swing-bucket rotor for MTP, PCR and Deepwell Plates
Windshield design for quiet operation


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Rotor A-2-MTP Accessories

  • No sale
    For A-2-MTP 2 pcs.
      $871 USD
  • No sale
    For 1 PCR plate (96 wells), for plate rotors, 2 pcs.
      $231 USD
  • No sale
    For 12 slides Combi Slide, for Rotors A-2-MTP and A-4-81 (MTP), 2 pcs.
      $334 USD
  • No sale
    for 1 plate with frame in SBS format, for Rotor A-2-MTP, 2 pcs.
      $231 USD
  • No sale
    PCR plate adapters are designed to support thin-walled PCR plate wells during centrifugation
      $231 USD