Sartorius Centrisart G-26C Refrigerated High-Speed Benchtop Centrifuge

Category Benchtop Centrifuge
Manufacturer Sartorius

The refrigerated centrifuge Centrisart® G-26C stands out through its high speed with up to 26,000 rpm and a gravitational field with up to 62,000 + g. Therefore the Centrisart® G-26C centrifuge is particularly suitable for the sedimentation of very small particles with low density differences and for specific applications like the isolation of viruses, organelles or membranes, and the precipitation of proteins.

Also, the cooling centrifuge Centrisart® G-26C is a perfect solution for applications that require lower rotation speed, such as isolation of nucleic acids using spin-pillars, or ultrafiltration using Vivaspin® units for sample concentration of e.g. antibody solutions, for sample desalting or buffer exchange, and removal of contamination with small or very large molecular weights.

Offering a comprehensive selection of rotors and adapters for different vials as well as the variably adjustable speed range between 100 rpm and 26,000 rpm the Centrisart® G-26C provides an extremely high flexibility.

Quick and easy programming of the refrigerated centrifuge Centrisart® G-26C is facilitated by the use of one button only to select and set all relevant parameters. The centrifuge features a process library with tabular program preview and a storage capacity for 60 programs. For convenient management all stored programs are displayed with name and values for rotation speed, run time, and temperature. Searching for, selection of, and even starting a specific program directly from the process library is exceptionally simple and highly convenient.

Optionally, functions like editing, saving, loading, and starting of individual programs can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Applying the function “program rotation” several programs can be combined and executed in succession. The innovative curve editor of the refrigerated high-speed microcentrifuge Centrisart® G-26C provides the option to individually configure acceleration and deceleration curves in accordance with the specific sample material.

Additional protection of the samples is guaranteed through the high-performance compressor which reliably cools the rotor chamber to –20° C. The temperature monitoring function only tolerates runs to be started when the temperature is within the permitted tolerance range. During the run the cooling system ensures reliable sample cooling to 4°C even at maximum rotation speed. The integrated run monitoring function continuously controls the rotation speed and run time during a centrifugation process, compares the actual values to the programmed values and displays a compact summary after each run.


  • Optimum combination: Rotors for Sartorius VivaSpin® filtration units
  • Smart Control: Setting all run parameters using just one control knob
  • Setting run parameters using just one control knob
  • Splash-proof keypad with clear display
  • Backlit keys with tactile feedback
  • Operation with gloves possible
  • Automatic conversion of speed and RCF
  • Width only 57 cm
  • Speed 100–26,000 rpm, adjustable in steps of 100 rpm
  • Max. gravitational field (RCF) 61,973 g, adjustable in increments of 10 × g
  • Time 10 sec. – 99 min., adjustable in steps of 1 sec., short run, continuous run
  • Optional runtime counting after reaching the set speed
  • Continuous run monitoring
  • Automatic rotor and imbalance detection
  • Sample protection: Standstill cooling and “Rapid temp” pre-cooling
  • Cycle counter
  • Optional soft start or soft stop adjustable in 10 steps, configurable
  • Process library for 60 programs
  • Optional access protection for program functions
  • Reliable sample cooling to 4°C even at max. rpm
  • “Rapid temp” precooling, Stand still cooling, Maintenance-free motor
  • Two motorized lid locks, easy lid opening supported by two pneumatic springs
  • Emergency lid lock release with no need to open the casing to access
  • High chemical resistance
  • Pleasantly quiet operation
Key Attributes
RPM 26,000
RCF 61,973
Refrigeration Yes
Capacity 6 x 85 ml
Warranty (Years) 2


Manufacturer Specifications
Weight 100 kg
Control panel Splash-proof keypad, Easy 1-button intuitive operation
Line voltage 208 V, 60 Hz, 2 phases [US]
Maximum capacity 6 × 85 mL
Temperature range - 20 – +40 °C
Display Concise display, backlit keys
Rotor Detection Automatic
Cooling Programs Quick cool program, standstill cooling
Cooling Yes
Dimensions (WxDxH) 570 × 616 × 460 mm
Power consumption 1,350 W
Minimum effective speed 100 RPM
Maximum Speed 26,000 RPM
Max. gravitational field 61,973 g
Height with open lid 890 mm
Rotor Type

Fixed angle rotors
Swing-out rotors

Programs 60
Lid Inspection window for independent speed measurement
Noise level at max. speed (approx.) < 63 dB
Timer 0:00:10 – 99:99:59 hh:mm:ss, short run & continuous run
Deceleration curves 10, linear, quadratic, user-definable
Acceleration curves 10, linear, quadratic, user-definable

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