Sartorius Centrisart G-16 Benchtop Centrifuges

Category Benchtop Centrifuge
Manufacturer Sartorius

The Centrisart® G-16 benchtop centrifuge was specifically developed for high-capacity applications. This centrifuge also has the option of high speed of 15,300 rpm which allows it to be also used for molecular biology applications. The low profile and damping system lets the centrifuge fit on every laboratory benchtop and ensures operation to be quite, simple and comfortable. Centrisart® G-16 comes with different rotor options to accommodate almost all vessel types, which can be used for low to high throughput. The centrifuge is also available in a refrigerated model, the Centrisart® G-16C.

The ergonomic design, low profile and extremely quite noise level makes it easy to set up the centrifuge, simplifies sample loading and unloading as well as allows extremely quite noise level. This high-capacity centrifuge can be used for nearly every application. With the use of adapters, the Centrisart® G-16 is perfectly appropriate for small volumes such as PCR or molecular biology and larger volumes such as phase separation of solutions. When working with samples that cannot be churned up, a gradual deceleration curves ensures gentle deceleration and prevents sample form mixing. This function is also beneficial when working with microtiter plates.

The Centrisart® G-16 is an extremely high quality product and meets the highest safety standards. It comes with a secure lid that electronically locks and rotor cover caps that protect against aerosol emissions. The centrifuge also has an automatic rotor detection which prevents mix-ups and an imbalance control sensor which prevents it from starting samples exhibiting deviating weights.

Key Attributes
RPM 15,300
RCF 21,460
Refrigeration Model Dependent
Capacity 4 x 400 ml
Warranty (Years) 2
Manufacturer Specifications
Weight 48 kg 78 kg
Control panel Splash-proof keypad, Easy 1-button intuitive operation
Line voltage 120 V, 60 Hz [US]
Maximum capacity 4 × 400 mL
Display Concise display, backlit keys
Rotor Detection Automatic
Cooling No Yes
Cooling Programs N/A Quick cool program, guaranteed 4° C at max. speed; standstill cooling
Temperature range N/A -10 – +40°C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 460 × 600 × 355 mm 630 × 600 × 355 mm
Power consumption 500 W 1,010 W
Minimum effective speed 200 RPM 100 RPM
Maximum Speed 15,300 RPM
Max. gravitational field 21,460 g
Height with open lid 785 mm
Rotor Type Fixed angle rotors
Swing-out rotors
Programs 50
Lid Inspection window for independent speed measurement
Noise level at max. speed (approx.) < 57 dB
Timer 0:00:10 – 99:99:59 hh:mm:ss, short run & continuous run
Deceleration curves 10
Acceleration curves 10

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