Get a FREE Gift With Select Scilogex Centrifuges Until December 29!

By Traci Thrash, 01 July 2023

Thru December 29th, when you purchase select Scilogex centrifuges, you'll get another product absolutely FREE!

Purchase a Scilogex SCI12 Plus High Speed Personal Micro-Centrifuge and get a FREE MicroPette Plus single-channel, variable-volume pipettor. Add the centrifuge and pipettor to your cart and use code PLUS at checkout.

Purchase a Scilogex SCI24 High Speed Micro-Centrifuges and get a FREE Ezee Mini-Centrifuge. Choose your Ezee Mini-Centrifuge color, add it to your cart, and use code EZEE at checkout.

Purchase a Scilogex SCI636 Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge and get a FREE Swing-out rotor (without buckets). Add both to your cart, and use code SCIROTOR at checkout.