2024 Hermle Bundle Packages Promotion

By Traci Thrash, 27 January 2024

Hermle Sales Spun In All Shapes, Sizes and Buckets!

Purchase select Hermle bundles (from now until June 30 2024) to save with promotional discounts.

Z206A Compact Centrifuge Bundle save $729!
Z207-M Compact Microcentrifuge Bundle save $740!
Z216 Microcentrifuge Bundles save up to $1,743!
Z287-A Microcentrifuge Bundle save $1,562!
Z366 Universal Centrifuge Bundle save up to $3,374!
Z446 Tissue Culture Centrifuge Bundles save up to $3,374!
Z446 Microplate Centrifuge Bundles save up to $2,158!
Z36-HK High Speed Centrifuge Bundles save up to $4,877!
Z496-K Ultra High Capacity Centrifuge Bundle save $6,591!
SIEVA-3 Filtration Centrifuge Bundle save $9,400!
New! Z287-A Microcentrifuge PLUS Bundle save $1,512!
New! Z307 Deepwell Microplate Bundle save $1,546!
Please note you must purchase these bundles from the promotional pages linked here in order to receive this special pricing, no discount code required.